ARTICATS is a premium NFT project designed for cat lovers, with a beautiful artistic spin for each articat. ARTICATS are a fusion of classic artistic styles and modern AI technology.

The project is designed to be unique, emotional and moving, one of the first truly artistic projects to drop in the NFT space.

ARTICATS consists of 8 parallel collections, for a total of 1000 items. Each collection has a distinct artistic style of articats. These collections are planned to drop in collaboration with prominent galleries throughout 2022.

A special feature of the ARTICATS collection are the memes released to the public in January 2022, which are currently available for download in the ARTICATS memes section.

ARTICATS is a true fusion of styles: classical art and unique AI algorithms to create the full, 1000 articats NFT project.

ARTICATS is inspired by imagination, crafted with AI.

The project was created by 2 up-and-coming digital artists: Natalie Rose & Dan White, inspired by their unconditional love for cats, who combined their talents and artistic abilities to create 8 truly unique NFT collections centered around cats in this NFT project.

ARTICATS is the first artistic cats NFT project, and is a bold step for artistic NFT collections, which are quickly becoming the prominent and preferrable NFT investments of the future.

Two of the 8 artistic collections have been dropped to date, currently selling on Opensea.io at introductory prices (Click here to visit ARTICATS on Opensea). As other collections are dropped, the existing pieces are expected to spike, making ARTICATS one of the best NFT investments around.

ARTICATS is all about the artists’ love for cats, something they share in common with the wide internet community, this is why articats – are here to stay.


The future is feline.

Watch for ARTICATS.