ARTICATS for Investors

Why Invest in ARTICATS?

Early stage, promising projects have the highest ROI in the NFT space, some have seen up to 2000x ROI.

Cats in general have always been a favorite in internet communities, something which will continue to be true in the future. As we say: “The future is feline.” This is exactly the reason why investing in an artistic cats NFT collection, in early stages, is a great investment opportunity.

The unique collections in the ARTICATS project are artistic, aesthetic and moving – trends that have begun to emerge in early 2022, and are expected to continue and strengthen in the NFT space. People want art pieces that they feel connected to, even in the digital space.

During the coming year, we plan to drop 6 additional collections, in collaboration with international galleries and auction houses, for a total of 1000 articats. Public drops have proven to be instrumental in bringing up the value of NFT collections.

In addition to the above, one of the unique aspects of the ARTICATS project are the memes released to the public, which are already finding their way to social media, and as they grow in popularity and widespread use, will increase the value of the collection even more.

As most of the value building strategies and plans for this project are still ahead, now is the best time to invest in ARTICATS. Therefore, we invite you to acquire an articat for yourself, now available on, and become part of NFT history.

What is the goal of this project?

ARTICATS is the first, and aims to be the leading artistic cat NFT project.

It is centered around the love for cats, and any cat lover is welcome to become part of this international community.

With current NFT trends, and our plans for dropping the collections with prominent international partners, a single articat could be worth up to $100K within a couple of years.


The future is feline.

Watch for ARTICATS.